Listen to the examples of our latest CD ‘Paying with Dimes’:



Listen to 18 examples from our CD ‘Euro Suite & Other Change’:



A video clip of our performance in Wadern (Germany) January 21st 2018 with Heleen de Witte on flute replacing Pip for this occasion.

‘Gulden Euro Trio’ plays “Ski Schilling”, a test recording during our CD -process in studio PARS, Milsbeek (NL). TV Nijmegen used this as a part of a news item. Special thanks to Jan Leijsink for making this video. 

Focus III played live at ‘Zalm-Podium’ in Millingen (NL)

Gulden Euro Trio playlist
F (flute) – V (violin) – B (double bass) – P (piano)

€uro Suite & Other Change
1. Frieten Franken (Belgium) Franks & Chips (F-V-P)
2. Franc en Marianne (France) Franc and Marianne (F-V-P)
3. Markwaardig (Germany) Remarkable (F-V-P)
4. Delirium (Italy) Delirium (F-V-P)
5. Pesetaria (Spain) Pesetair(F-V-P)
6. Escufado (Portugal) Escufado (F-V-P)
7. Goedkoop-Duurkoop (Ireland) Penny wise-Pound foolish (F-V-P)
8. Vergulde dollars (Netherlands) Gilded Dollars (F-B-P)
9. Super de Lux (Luxembourg) Super Luxury (F-B-P)
10. Skischilling (Austria) Ski Schilling (F-V-P)
11. Markka Meer (Finland) Lake Markka (F-B-P)
12. Litaswals (Lithuania) Litas Waltz (F-V-P)
13. De Kroon van Slowakijke (Slovakia) Crown of Slovakia (F-V-P)
14. Tolar Jodel (Slovenia) Tolar Yodel (F-V-P)
15. Estische Kroondans (Estonia) Estonian Crown Dance (F-V-P)
16. Lats Ballet (Latvia) Lats Ballet (F-V-P)
17. Verdrachme (Greece) Drachma Drama (F-V-P)
18. Lyrische Lira (Turkey) Lyric Lira (F-B-P)
19. Zloty Mars (Poland) Zloty March (F-V-P)
20. Romalei (Romania) Roma-Lei (F-V-P)
21. Cabaret Praagse Kroon (Czech Rep.) Cabaret ‘Crown of Prague’ (F-V-P)
22. Leve de Lev (Bulgaria) Long live Lev (F-V-P)
23. Goulash van Forinten (Hungary) Goulash of Forints (F-V-P)
24. Smørrebrød Dansk (Denmark) Sandwich Dansk (F-V-P)
25. London Bells (Great Britain) London Bells (F-V-P)
26. Viking Wals (Sweden) Viking Waltz (F-V-P)
27. Balkan Brij (Balkan Region) Balkan Black Pudding (F-V-P)
28. Bardarbunga Lava Dance (Iceland) Bardarbunga Lava Dance (F-V-P)
29. Grüezi Mitenand (Switzerland) Hello Together (F-V-P)
30. Miñ Stanitsa (Ukraine) My Village (F-V-P)
31Contrapunt, Géén Punt (Scotland) Counterpoint, No Point (F-V-P)

Other own Compositions:
32. Proof of the Pudding (F-V-P)
33. Romance(F-B-P)
34. Alive and Kicking(F-B-P)
35. Anniversary Tango (F-V-P)
36. Chevalier, René le Renard (F-V-P)
37. Summer Dance (F-V-P)
6 (recomposed) DIME songs
38. Feelings (F-V-P)
39. Major F (F-V-P)
40. Irritable (F-V-P)
41. Sexodus (F-V-P)
42. Pinocchio Time Out Of Mind (sonata) (F-V-P)
43. Paying with Dimes (rondo) (F-V-P)

8  FOCUS songs
44. Tommy (F-B-P)
45. Focus 1 (F-V-P)
46. Focus 2 (F-V-P)
47. Focus 3 (F-V-P)
48. Sylvia (F-B-P)
49. Love Remembered (F-V-P)
50. House of the King (F-V-P)
51. Hocus Pocus (F-V-P)

Classical Compositions:
52. Siciliano, Johann Seb. Bach 1685-1750 (F-B-P)
53. Badinerie, Johann Seb. Bach (F-V-P)
54. Fuga in g, Johann Seb. Bach (F-V-P)
55. Meditation (from Thaïs), Jules Massenet 1842-1912 (F-V-P)
56. Rondo Russo, Saverio Mercadante 1795-1870 (F-V-P)
57. Five Pieces, Cesare Cui 1835-1918 (F-V-P)
58. Valse des Fleurs, Ernesto Köhler 1849-1907 (F-V-P)
59. Maya, Ian Clarke *1964 (F-V-P)
60. Schindler’s List, John Williams *1932 (F-V-P)
61. Oblivion, Astor Piazzolla 1921-1992 (F-V-P)
62. Libertango, Astor Piazzolla (F-V-P)
63. Adios Nonino, Astor Piazzolla (F-V-P)